Elna Maree

Company Description

Agripro Property Development Consultants was founded as Agricultural Strategic Planning and Property Consultants (Pty) Ltd during 2004. Agripro is also registered as an Estate Agency at The Estate Agency Affairs Board with its primary focus to offer the following services:

• Marketing and Sales of Residential Development Property
• Marketing and Sales of Commercial Development Property
• Marketing and Sales of Commercial and Residential Properties
• Marketing and Sales of Agricultural Properties - Farms
• Project and Property Management
• Property Development Consultancy
• Sourcing Finance for Property Development

As a consulting firm we use our extensive experience and insight of the industry to advise our clients and provide them with all relevant information on their property requirements. This will ensure that they can make an informed decision on a potential project. We deal directly with our seller and buyer clients to ensure fast and efficient service. We endeavor to provide a professional service with the highest level of confidentiality on each project and client. This ensures that we always have a growing network of sellers, buyers and investors to create a win-win solution for all parties.

Company Vision

To provide a professional service to our clients with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.

Company Mission

Agripro strive to be a property development service provider of excellence and be chosen by our clients as their preferred service provider in the property sales and development field.

Our Ethical Values

Confidentiality, honesty and integrity are the building blocks of sound business practices in the property industry. We practice our work with the utmost integrity in every facet of our business. We provide our clients with honest, straightforward information ensuring an ethical relationship with a company that is trustworthy, accessible and communicative.

Effective communication is one of our main goals in service to our clients and provide for fast and effective decision making by our clients on all levels. These and complete confidentiality, are the core building blocks in our aim to reach our mission for Agripro. Our professional service will add value to our client’s project information and ensure informed decision making.

In working one-on-one with our clients, sellers, buyers and developers, we build a close business relationship based on the above values. Our clients become friends and trustworthy property business colleagues.
Marketing Director
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+27(0) 21 913 4476
+27(0) 72 142 9094
Responsibilities:   Property marketing and sales
    Development analysis specialist
    Client liaison
    Project finance liaison

Qualifications:   B Sc (Psychology and Physiology - Stellenbosch University)
    A+ Computer Science Diploma
    CEA (Certified Estate Agent)
    CRS (Int) Certified Residential Specialist
    Member of Institute of Estate Agents

Elna started her career at the University of Stellenbosch as lecturer and research specialist in Physiology. While raising her children, she was actively involved in the community in various ways. As certified CANSA counselor and leader in community projects she built her exceptional expertise in communications and planning. Having a sence for business, she also managed her own Information Technology business for 4 years.

When she started her career as Estate Agent, she applied her communication skills in the property industry. Being an expert in statistics and financial planning, she quickly adapted herself to the property industry and specialized in the field of property development. Her skills as communicator, networker and development analyst was quickly recognized and accepted in a mainly male orientated field. With her skills she adds a valuable contribution towards the professional services provided by Agripro.

Elna was nominated for the Nedbank Property Association Awards 2008 and was chosen as one of the twelve finalists for the Property Professionals of the Year awards.